Miyerkules, Marso 1, 2017

Almost 4 hours of travelling to Biak na Bato,
seeing ourselves inching closer to mountainous part of Central Luzon gave us so much excitement!

Gates of Paradise!!! Lol after that i thought we're near but yeah life is full ofsurprises,we are still 5KM away!


Arrived. #hangingbridge

A moment of silence for this breath taking view.Locals mentioned that there are hundreds of caves in Biak na Bato.


Challenging yet worth it ☺

At Paniki Cave,countless bats inhabits inside!

heat + sweat = rainbow on my face! Hahaha
Cool destination to visit! I recommend Biak na Bato National Park to all adventure seekers out there! The expenses are minimal but if youre planning to go there by commuting,well think again this place is very distant and no direct trip to reach this location.Pack light but bring extra clothes footwear and foods for extra adventure! 


My two favorites in one photo 💕